Enough horses?

Did the Foundation send enough Przewalski Horses to Hustai?

In 1992 the first transport took place, followed by four consecutive transports. In total a number of 84 Przewalski horses arrived at Hustai National Park. Five shipments were needed for building up a solid base population in a relatively short time.

enoughWe now know that the toughest period for the newly arrived Przewalski horses lies in the first year after their arrival. In the year of their arrival 22% have perished. The stressful transport, getting accustomed to a new group and the adaptation to a fickle and merciless climate all take their toll. If an animal bears the test of the first year, then the better its chances are to survive and manage without outside help.

In June 2012 the 20th anniversary of the reintroduction of the Przewalski horses in Mongolia was celebrated.

All involved people were invited to participate in the many activities. Not only old and new staff members and local herdsmen were participating, but national, international and local officials as well. The Mongolian people can be proud of this successful project.

At that moment more than 280 Przewalski horses (takhi) were roaming freely in Hustai National Park. The population was divided in more than 29 harems covering 80% of the population and some 20% were bachelor stallions.

Since 2004 the Mongolian staff of Hustai National Park is fully responsible for the management of the Park including the executed research. The biologists publish each year detailed reports of their extensive monitoring program of the free living Takhi.

It is difficult to renew the website each year. Therefor we suggest to contact the research manager yourself for getting the actual data. The email address is: takhi@hustai.mn