Since 2004 the Hustai National Park Trust (NGO) is fully responsible for the management of the Park and the sustainable protection of the Przewalski horse population.

The Foundation (FRPH) yearly assists financially some $ 20.000,00 for the protection and research of the free living Przewalski horse population.

The Foundation hopes to be able to continue the financing of the Jan Bouman Scholarship for many more years. It gives junior biologists the possibility to cooperate and be trained by the Mongolian field staff in studying the growing free living takhi in Hustai National Park.

The Jan Bouman Foundation  annually sponsored (some $10.000,00)  the local three soums (villages) by subsidising small projects for the local community (2004 – 2015).

A variety of fund supplying institutions did play an indispensable role in the implementation and execution of the reintroduction of the Przewalski horses and the establishment of the Park:

a. The reintroduction project of the Przewalski horses – entirely focused at the building up of a viable population in Hustai National Park. This project was  funded entirely by private funds raised by the Foundation. It consisted of two phases: one preparing phase (since 1980) of breeding Przewalski horses in semi-reserves in the Netherlands/Germany and the other in reintroducing them into the wild from 1992 till 2000 (84 horses).

b. The Hustai Nuruu Mountain Steppe Reserve Project – aimed at the protection and conservation of the biological diversity of the Park and its bufferzone. The Foundation had till 2004 the end responsibility for this project subsidised by the Dutch Ministry for International Cooperation. MACNE was responsible for the execution.

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