Hustai National Park lies in the proximity of Ulaanbaatar. It takes a two-hours drive to reach the main entrance at the north of the park.

For all information, arrangement of transport and direct bookings, please contact the office of the National Park in Ulaanbaatar:

campingPlaces to stay

Besides the natural and cultural beauty of the Park, the supporting facilities are worth a visit well. The ger-camp is located near the central building situated in the rolling hills just north of the Park. The centre provides all facilities that are needed to ensure a relaxed stay.

Here clear water is pumped up from a natural source at 96 m deep. The water tower provides running water for hygienic toilets and showers with cold and hot water. A limited number of fully equipped rooms is available in the building. It can make a stay worthwhile even in wintertime!

The kitchen provides western-style and Mongolian meals.

moiltcampFor visitors that want to enjoy the natural beauty of the Park, it is recommended to participate in a three-days guided program or stay at least one night in the Moiltcamp. It is a collection of small wooden huts, idyllically situated in a valley abundant with patches of forest and all kinds of flowers. It is one of the best locations to observe wildlife.

A beautiful trip on foot or on horseback with excellent views brings you in the Moilt camp. The Tuul river and its riverine forests are perfect for the more adventurous visitors. Here you can choose your own spot to go for a swim, to fish, or to set up tents. The park staff will arrange a guide for you to show you where camping is allowed. Riding horses and camping equipment can be rented at the centre.

Things to do

hikingIt is made sure that the tourism zones cover all major natural and cultural features that the Park can offer.

Every trip to the Park should start with a visit to the information center. It gives a good idea of the natural and cultural values, the history of the Przewalski horse and the Park and plans for future improvements. It has a showroom with many interesting videos and slides. In the small souvenir shop visitors can buy many goods and souvenirs made by local people.

ridingWithin the park several trekkings on foot and on horseback are set out. Local guides can accompany visitors if needed. On request, jeep excursions through the Park may be organised.

hospitalityWhen travelling in and around the park it is rewarding to pay a visit to some of the local families. Experiencing the nomadic lifestyle invariably is one of the highlights of the program. These families are very hospitable and will do everything to make you feel at home at their ger. They will offer you local drinks and meals like airag (fermented horse milk), Mongolian tea, yoghurt, khushuur (fried dumpling), buuz (steamed dumpling) and khorkhog (fried mutton cooked in a traditional way), etc.

Where to book?

For bookings and further information about the programs please contact the office of the park at Ulaanbaatar:

Hustai National Park, Administration
“Hustai” building, Khoro-II,
Bayangol district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Mailing address: P.O. Box 1160, Central Post Office, Ulaanbaatar 13, Mongolia
Phone: 21-245087
Fax: 21-245881
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