The Park employs three Mongolian biologists. They are responsible for the management-aimed research activities, such as wildlife, vegetation and Przewalski horse research. windIn addition they coach the many Mongolian students that come to Hustai and also participate in the many training programs for rangers, wardens and biologists affiliated to other national parks in Mongolia. By doing so there is not much money and time left for other important research.

All National Parks are having a hard time in finding sufficient financial support to facilitate research. Especially in Hustai it had been very strenuous job to attract funds to enable Przewalski behavioural research. Thanks to the liberal support from Van Tienhoven Stichting, Stichting DOEN, Dr J.L. Dobberke Stichting, Martina de Beukelaar Stichting. Stichting K.F. Hein Fonds and FRPH a total of € 15.000,00 could be made available to this kind of research: two months in respectively 1992 and 1997 and seven months in 1995.

For three years the Foundation did cover the lodging-expenses and part of the travelling-expenses (three months a year) for two PhD students for respectively behaviour and vegetation focused research in Hustain Nuruu (some € 10,000.00).

Very spirited people from all over the globe come to Hustai National Park to assist in field research during their holidays. These so-called ecovolunteers pay for their own expenses (travelling, accommodation, food etc). In this manner they contribute to the widening of the knowledge about distribution, habitat use and social behaviour of the free roaming Przewalski horses. The ecovolunteers’ input provides Hustai’s staff with relevant data about the growing takhi population and the carrying capacity of the area. They help the Park with a financial contribution.