Differences with domestic horses

Like zebras the Przewalski horses have short bristly manes. The manes are dark, accentuated by lighter hairs. Contrary to the domestic horses Przewalski horses shed their short-haired manes every summer, so they keep short forelocks and manes. Some people mistake Przewalski horses for Fjord ponies or vice versa, because of the resemblance in colour and short manes. However, Fjord manes have trimmed manes otherwise they would grow longer.
differencesPrzewalski horses have 66 chromosomes; domestic horses have 64. Mixed offspring is viable and able to reproduce. However, cross-breeding has to be avoided at all times, because it would undeniably lead to the loss of the unique features of the much endangered wild horse.

In its behaviour the Przewalski horse or takhi bears some resemblance to the zebra. Like the striped horse of the savanna, it cannot be handled, mounted nor haltered. When it needs to be transported or treated it has to be fully tranquilized. In captivity Przewalski horses are very stress-sensible and may react very aggressive.