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In 2006 the Foundation published a 251 pages hardcover book The tale of the Przewalski’s Horse – Coming Home to Mongolia”,
It is scientifically sound written with a conservation conscious audience in mind. It comprehensively discusses the natural and humane history of the Przewalski’s horses, their present range at Hustai National Park and country Mongolia. At the beginning of each chapter there are observations by Mongolians about what the subject at hand means to them. This leads from judgements/opinions about the present situation, on to what the future should/could hold.

Many explanatory drawings, maps, diagrams and especially photographs take up about half of the volume.

You can order this book (including the DVD documentary “The Takh back in Mongolia”) directly from the Foundation at the reduced price of € 20  postage costs excluding. You also can order the DVD documentary separately for € 10  (+ postage costs).

Another smaller and more popular styled book is “The history and background of the reintroduction of the Przewalski horses in Hustai National Park”. You can order it directly from the Foundation at the price of € 10 Euro (+ postage costs).

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Why do we offer a list with references on the Przewalski horse?

Here to fore, several articles and books have been published about the Przewalski horse. Unfortunately many references were either difficult to obtain or much information has never been published. Many people from all over the world asked us to inform them on publications about the Przewalski horse. We therefore include references in this site without pretending that it is complete. The list  can be downloaded as pdf file (102 kb).

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The pre-eminent compendium on the species was written by Dr Erna Mohr in 1959 and translated into English in 1971. Although Mohr’s book has never be surpassed for its firsthand accounts of the early history of the species and its extensive illustrations, much has happened since her book was written. In 1994 Lee Boyd and Katherine Houpt edited the second standard book on the species in which all up to date information on the Przewalski horse is gathered in one place.

The following books were published on the Przewalski horse:
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